How To Have A Baby Girl

Do You Need A Baby Girl-To Complete Your Family?

A Baby Girl... One of the Most Beautiful Miracles of Life, One of the Greatest Joys We Can Ever Know, She Will Bring Extra Sunshine, Laughter, and Happiness Into Your World! Author-Unknown

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Do you need a beautiful little baby girl to bring balance to your family? Want to add a "daddy's little girl"? Well it's not only possible, but probable, if you diligently follow a few simple, all natural, low tech, steps when trying to conceive!

The Shettles Method Of Gender Prediction

The late Dr. Landrum Shettles developed these baby gender selection methods in the 1960's and they are still being used with great success today! Thousands of couples have successfully had a baby of the gender of their choice, and having a baby girl may well prove even easier than having a baby boy.

Dr. Shettles explained that the man determines the sex of the baby, by supplying sperm with either a (y) chromosome for a boy or a (x) chromosome for a girl. The "girl" sperm are much larger, hardier (longer lived), but slower to reach the egg that the "boy" sperm.

Keeping this in mind Dr. Shettles realized that by manipulating some of the variables involved a couple could favor one sperm over the other during conception.

To tip the odds in favor of conceiving a baby girl you should:

  • Have sex up until three days before you ovulate than abstain from sex for at least three days after. Why? Because as stated above the "girl" sperm lives long enough that they will still be alive (while the "boy" sperm will die-off) to fertilize the egg when it becomes available (when you ovulate.)
  • Use sexual positions that favor the "girl" sperm. Generally shallow penetration during ejaculation is what is required, so that the slower, longer lived, "girl" sperm will again outlive the "boy" sperm (slow and steady-wins the race!) to successfully fertilize the egg.
  • Create a hostile reproductive environment (for the "boy" sperm anyway.) This again is so the "girl" sperm can "outlive" the "boy" sperm and fertilize the egg resulting in the little baby girl that you want. You accomplish this by monitoring you body's ph and staying on the acidic side, which again makes survival difficult for the "boy" sperm.
By implementing these simple, low tech steps many thousands of couples have been successful in bringing balance to their families, and having that little baby girl they wanted. I will cover these steps in more detail on other pages of this site, but if you are serious about having a baby girl you really need a good guide to follow on a day to day basis.

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My Second Choice:

Pick the Gender of Your Baby by Ashly Spencer has helped thousands of couples choose the gender of their next baby. Ashly had three boys and desperately wanted a little girl to balance her family. By using these simple, natural, techniques she was able to give her husband his "daady's little girl" that he always wanted, and bring that balance to her family.

My Third Choice:
The Ultimate Guide to Baby Gender Selection by Carol Carson has all the info you need to choose the gender of your next baby. Carol has left no stone unturned in her quest to provide this the ultimate guide to baby gender selection! You will find these valuable extras come with your purchase of Carol's book:

  • Secrets to Grow Tall Kids
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  • The Facts About Getting Your Baby to Sleep through the Night
  • How to Naturally Increase Your Breast Size
  • The Second and Third G-Spots Women Don't Know They Have
  • !00 Most Popular Baby Names
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I truly hope you are able to have the baby girl you want and need. The steps you need to take are very simple and can be fun!

Even if you fail in your efforts to conceive a baby girl, your goal should always be to have a healthy, loved baby regardless of gender. Good luck!

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