How To Have A Baby Girl-Eat The Right Foods

How Can "Eating The Right Foods" Help Me Conceive A Baby Girl?

Good question! Lets start by explaining how the egg is fertilized to produce a baby girl. The woman carries only the (xx) chromosome, while the man's sperm has some (xy) sperm and some (yy) sperm. So if the woman's egg (carrying the (xx) chromosome) is fertilized by the man's sperm carrying the (xy) chromosome than a girl will develop, if the egg is fertilized by the (yy) sperm a boy baby will result. So yes, it's the man's sperm that determines whether the baby is a boy or girl. If only Henry the IIV had known! (He was a king in England who killed many of his wives who didn't give him a boy baby, for those of you who didn't know;o)

There are a few very important differences between the "boy" sperm and the "girl" sperm. The girl sperm is much larger physically then the boy sperm, and tends to be slower moving and much hardier and longer lived.

Eat More To Conceive A Boy-Less To Conceive A Girl

There have been recent studies that have shown that if you eat breakfast before sex you are more likely to conceive a boy, so skipping breakfast will help you conceive a baby girl. Also eating a diet that consists of about 2200 calories or more per day during the time you are trying to conceive will make a boy more likely, so cutting back on your daily caloric intake will tip the odds in favor of a girl.

Eat Foods High In Calcium And Magnesium To Conceive A Baby Girl

Because the girl sperm are tougher than the boy sperm, by eating the right foods you can change your body's ph (become more acidic) and this can cause the boy sperm to die off, leaving only the girl sperm the opportunity to fertilize the egg. So you should be eating foods high in calcium and magnesium that will help to raise your ph, foods such as;

  • Dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt)
  • Bean, legumes
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Most fruits
  • Meats
  • Corn
  • Fish
  • Whole grains
Conversely you should not eat foods high in potassium, or other foods that will lower your body's ph. It is said you should avoid alcohol, caffeine, and chocolate during the this diet also.

Douching Can Be A Short-Cut To Raising Your Body's Acidity

Eating right can be a slow way to raise your vaginal ph, and douching can be much quicker. I know douching is old fashioned, and there has been problems associated with it, but it can change your vaginal ph quickly and easily. I would recommend douching only with your doctors supervision however.


You really need a good guide to give you the best chance of success in having a baby girl, and Rebecca's ebook is the best one I've found! You'll find all the information on diets, douching recipes, and everything else you need to know to conceive that little baby girl you want and need.

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