How To Have A Baby Girl-Sexual Timing And Position

How To Have A Girl Baby - Think Timing Of Conception

The timing of when you have sex to conceive a baby girl, although less crucial than when trying to have a boy baby, is still important to your success.

Why is timing so critical? Lets look at the differences between the man's sperm (he, or his sperm anyway is what determines the sex of your baby.) The women's egg always carries the (xx) chromosome, all female with no male chromosomes at all. The man's sperm on the other hand can have a (xy) chromosome (producing a girl baby) or a (yy) chromosome (producing a boy baby.)

There are a few very important physical differences between the "girl" sperm and the "boy" sperm. The girl sperm is physically larger, stronger (longer lived), and slower swimmers (slower to reach the egg.) The boy sperm of course are smaller, faster, and more fragile (tend to die off quicker.)

By taking advantage of these differences one is able to tip the odds in favor of conceiving a baby girl. How? Well, by charting your ovulation cycle (knowing the exact day you will ovulate) you should have sex normally throughout the month, but abstain from intercourse three days prior to ovulation until at least three days after. You do this to take advantage of the fragility of the boy sperm, they tend to all die off before the egg comes down and are therefore unable to fertilize it, leaving only the longer-lived girl sperm to do the deed, resulting in the beautiful baby girl you wanted.

Have To Get A Baby Girl - Use The Right Position When Trying To Conceive

When you're trying to have a baby girl, the position you have sex in while trying to conceive comes into play as well. Again because the girl sperm are tougher than the boy sperm you want to give them all a long and difficult journey to the egg. This helps to ensure the boy sperm all die off before even getting to the egg. So when trying to conceive a girl baby, the man should practice very shallow penetration, especially when ejaculation occurs. The actual position you use during sex is of less importance when wanting a girl, just remember to deposit the sperm near the opening of the vagina. Not only do you want a long trip for the sperm, if wanting to have a girl, you will also want to increase your body's acidity to give even more certainty to the boy sperms demise.

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