How To Have A Baby Girl By Controlling Your PH

First let me explain a few things, to give you a better understanding of why controlling your vaginal ph can help you conceive a baby girl. It's been known for some time now that the woman's egg carries only the (xx) or "girl" chromosome, the man's sperm on the other hand can carry either a (xy) chromosome (which produces a girl baby) or a (yy) chromosome (which produces a boy baby.)

The boy and girl sperm have different physical characteristics as well. The girl sperm is larger, slower moving, but hardier and much longer lived. The boy sperm has exactly opposite characteristics, or is smaller, faster swimmers (can reach the egg faster), and more fragile and shorter lived the their female producing counterparts.

Having said that, if you use these dissimilar characteristics to your advantage you can make life difficult for the boy sperm, leaving only the girl sperm to fertilize the egg (resulting in the baby girl you desire.) How to accomplish this? By artificially creating more acidic vaginal environment that the boy sperm will find difficult to survive in.

Eating The Right Foods To Create A More Acidic PH

To start with if you want a baby girl you should eat less during the time of conception. Studies have shown that women with a caloric intake of say 1750 on up at the time of conception are more likely to conceive a baby boy, while women below that level are more likely to conceive a girl. Skip breakfast on the mornings you're trying to conceive. Studies have shown that women with lower glucose levels are more likely to conceive daughters. The difference isn't huge but it's another piece of the gender puzzle, that can tip the odds in your favor.

So what to eat to favor having a baby girl? For starters be aware you will need to eat the right kind of foods for at least six weeks to have a chance to effectively alter your body's ph. You can test your ph with test strips from a health food store. To help your chances you should eat foods high in calcium (milk, cheese, yogurt) and high in magnesium (beans, leafy green vegetables.)As well as meats, whole grains, fish, corn, and most fruits. You should avoid alcohol, caffeine, and chocolate.

A Faster Way To Change Your PH

Douching is a fast effective way to raise or lower your vaginal ph. Because of problems with women douching and vaginal infections you should only consider douching with your doctor's supervision.


Eating the right foods alone won't guarantee you'll have a baby girl, it's just one piece of the gender selection puzzle. Put enough of the puzzle pieces together and you may find you will indeed be able to control the gender of your next baby. Good luck! And think-baby girl!

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